How Much Do Holidays Cost The Armenian Economy?


Today is the 10th straight day of holidays in Armenia. I’ve been in need of a bank for at least 5 days, not a chance! Car technicians are not working either, although I need something urgent to be fixed!

I’ve been wondering how can a poor country like Armenia afford to shut down its economy and make no money for so long.

There are some estimates, that the UK economy is losing £ 2.3 bn on each bank holiday. How much is Armenia losing? Continue reading

Here’s to The New Year: The Worst Is Yet To Come

Armenia -- Festive Fireworks on New Year's Eve in Yerevan's Republic Square, 01Jan2014

Armenia — Festive Fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Yerevan’s Republic Square, 01Jan2014

I’m the most optimistic person I’ve met in this world. And yet, when the lavish fireworks broke into Yerevan’s arrogant night sky on New Year’s Eve, my heart squeezed with sorrow. Continue reading