Armenian Genocide Resolution Introduced in Congress

The Armenian blogosphere was dominated by the Genocide issue at the end of the week: Hyelog had 8! posts on Genocide and Turkish denial on February 3rd alone, Kornelij, Ahousekeeper, Martuni or Bust all had something to say, while Rhyne at Armenia blog had a pair of rhethoric quesions:

I am optimistic about this resolution. However, there is a chance that it may not make it. What will we do? Keep fighting until it is adopted, whether today, tomorrow, or in five years. There is a reason why Armenians have survived through the ages, regardless of conquest after conquest upon our people and culture: we never give up.


Exporting Democracy – A Global Fiasco

Blogrel discusses an article by the Armenianow: “Present and Future Power Debate: Who will be the choices in 2008?”, and singles out the point made by Washington D.C./Yerevan political analyst Richard Giragosian:

“The process of importing American democracy has exhausted itself. Today both the US and Russia want to maintain stability in Armenia and the CIS.

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