I found out via Oneworld Multimedia about DR. SPURKIAN and his ironical analyses of the Armenian political landscape and the prevailing tendencies. Some major points made by this “self-styled intellectual (the emphasis is on the ‘self’) living in the Disapora(s) and criticizing everything and anything relevant to things Armenian” are below:

Some ‘parties’ have already been ‘partying’ their projected win, while the sides which should be the most concerned with the elections – namely the citizens of Armenia – don’t seem to care much about who will be power.
…The 2007 parliamentary elections seem to be important for political circles in Armenia since it is viewed as a litmus test of the presidential elections to take place in 2008.
…Elections in Armenia give the illusion of a choice when in reality what citizens are doing is expressing the choice that people in control want them to show. And what makes this whole ‘game’ enjoyable is the fact that most often than not, the political party which seems to be the front runner usually appears less than a year before the elections and miraculously manages to become ‘popular’ almost overnight.

For the more humorous and ironical aspects of the original post visit the self-styled Doctor here.


(S)elections in Armenia 2007

Onnik Krikoryan in this post at Oneworld Multimedia say’s “its about time someone injected a little humor alongside the predictable cynicsm which surrounds what usually are mere formalities“, speaking of the upcoming elections. Before pointing the readers to Dr. Spurkian’s post full of exactly that “injected little humour”, Onnik summerizes his understanding of what seems to be the task set by the authorities for the upcoming (s)elecitons:

That is, making things look like an election with ballot boxes and polling stations, but which are in reality simply a fascade to the real task at hand. This year that task is very simple — to create the environment in Parliament that will allow Kocharan to pass on power to a hand-picked successor and to ensure that the political and economic interests of the ruling regime are not threatened…

So, make sure to read the original post here