Emergence of a new oligarch in Yerevan

Armenia blog is looking at Eduardo Eurnekian’s recent acquisition of Conversebank and its consequences. With the words: “…we may be witnessing the emergence of a new oligarch in Yerevan. Let’s see if that prediction comes true…” Rhyne concludes his post.


2007 Parliamentary Election Monitor

Onnik Krikoryan has another one of his excellent 2007 Parliamentary Election Monitor posts. Covering various sources, such as the posts by Observer and Anoush Armenia, Radio Liberty and his own earlier articles on Zhirayr Sefilyan and It’s Your Choice NGO Onnik concludes by saying:

I’d like to see just one democratic election in Armenia. Not too democratic, of course — that’s too unrealistic for now, but just some albeit small sign of gradual and genuine change to give us hope for the future.

Make sure to read the full post here – very informative!