Voices from Civil Society

CRD / TI Election Monitor 2007  introduces an important new feature to their blog:

One feature that will take a prominent place on this blog will be providing guest bloggers from civil society and international organizations the opportunity to express their opinion on the parliamentary election. They may also use this opportunity to raise awareness of their organization’s activities in the election period.

Political Advertising and Election Campaign Finances

CRD / TI Election Monitor 2007 directs readers’ attention to the issue of Political Advertising, Party Finances kicking off from the recent RFE/RL reports that two leading opposition political parties are complaining about the high cost of political advertisements for the coming parliamentary election. For a more detailed analyses and links to relevant documents on partisan news coverage by OSCE from the 2003 presidential election and CRD/TI report on campaign finances during the previous 2003 elections visit the Election Monitor 2007 post here.

The Listing of 1000 Largest Taxpayers in Armenia

The Armenian Economist praises the State Tax Services agency for publishing the listing of the 1000 largest taxpayers in Armenia, along with the amount of taxes they had paid, breaks it down by type: including the custom duties, direct taxes (profit and personal income), and VAT among others.
The Economist also indicates the need for the State Tax Services to include important additional details in the listing, as well as points media and analysts as the ones responsible for analysing the content of the listing:

“…The media and analysts also have a responsibility for accurate and objective analysis of the reported information. Many are correct in highlighting the low taxes paid by some local businesses. Others, and despite of the best of intentions, have drawn some outlandish inferences from the tax figures reported over time…”

Blogrel to Opposition: …and you want to run the country?

Harmic on the Blogrel criticizes the violent infighting in one of Armenia’s oldest conservative opposition parties : “The Union for Constitutional Rights”:

If these guys can’t even act in a civil manner towards their own colleagues, how on earth are they going to discuss issues of war and peace with Aliyev and Gul, Genocide Recognition around the world , control the various criminal elements in the country..amongst Armenia’s other obstacles.

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