Methods of Political Corruption in Armenia

Social Science in the Caucasus blog says the methods of corruption in Armenia are “difficilut for non-locals to fully understand”. The blog refers to the analyses conducted by Masis Poghoyan, adressing […]”categories such as “usage of resources available to the candidates occupying administrative posts,” “application of pressure on voters,” “buying/bribing of voters,” “manipulation of public opinion” and “falsification of election results.” […] and provides a link to the research paper on the CRRC-Armenia Web site, which also provides […]”a set of recommendations for combating fraudulent election processes, which include the implementation of legislative reforms, public information campaigns, the provision of consultation/training to voters, and the improvement of the election commissions.” […]

Kornelij's election leaflet #2

This time Kornelij’s election leaflet pays attention to the following news (translated):

  1. Gagik Tsarukyan has been finally and unconditionally elected the head of “Prosperous Armenia”.
  2. “Prosperous Armenia” now has 500 branches and 370 thousand members. […] I have heard some rumours about the methods of attracting new members. For example – PA fixes the elevator in an apartment house – and in exchange the inhabitants of the house are obliged to enter the party with exalted outcries. Considering the condition of elevators and other components of the housing services in the country I predict the PA will soon have a million members. […](Please note, that ArmRusGazProm has dug some holes in front of our house last year and doens’t seem to be willing to fix them. So – we’re waiting for you, gentlemen!!!)
  3. Yet another general, Sedrak Saroyan – will run for Parliament, probably on the side of the Republican party. It seems the Azerbaijani dream will come true after all – the Armenian army will soon be decapitated.
  4. The Minister of environment Vardan Aivazyan intends to help his Republican Pary – he has promised to organize a demonstration in the near future. Aivazyan is the co-cair of the union of Georgian Armenians, which turns out to be asurprizingly large organization – the party has 30000 registered members. I am starting to doubt the official demographic statistics of the country and think that it should be increased by 20%.
  5. has launched a separate section dedicated to the elections. On exclusive materials on the election theme have also started popping up, and it seems that their blog has also been reanimated.
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