Armenia: Countdown to the Democratic Elections

Good things actually do happen in Armenia, like police being more considerate these days – and this evolution is a side-effect of the upcoming elections, or at least that’s what Lara feels according to the post at Life in Armenia. The blogger says it’s hard to see how the new strategy of the Central Election Commission raise voter participation during this year’s parliamentary elections will work, at any rate there are announcements on local Armenian radio stations urging citizens to register for the elections at the website, which is somewhat awkward considering the low level of internet penetration in Armenia.
Regardless the number of international organizations monitoring the election process, the end result of the elections really depends on the voters of Armenia, who have to demonstrate the political will and faith to actively participate in the upcoming elections, and even then “it will remain to be seen whether there have been democratic, real and fair changes in the pre-election period. ” -Lara concludes.
The CRD / TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007 is more upbeat, announcing the initiative by It’s Your Choice, the largest domestic election observation organization in the Republic of Armenia, and the Center for Regional Development / Transparency International Armenia inviting Armenians from abroad to take part in the Elections 2007 as election observers, particularly encouraging Communities in the Diaspora to send representatives to monitor the conduct of the vote.
Visit the CRD / TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007 for further details, and generally: “Take Action!”