Dual Citizenship inches closer…

While Raffi K. is ” happy to read that the provisions of dual citizenship are being discussed in great length in Parliament”, Sassna Dzrer amounts the discusstion on the Dual Citizenship bill to something “Ridiculous”. Speaking of the bills supporters Pokr Mher comments writes at Sassna Dzrer:

[…]Its supporters argue that dual citizenship would encourage many more in the dispersion to feel a real connection to the ROA and would increase travel to and investment in Armenia. As if that is not possible now. […]These are fine sentiments indeed but for the most part based on emotional desires and not on concrete analysis of the situation and conditions involved. Before we can even contemplate dual-citizenship , concerned individuals and organizations on both sides of the Armenian divide need to get serious regarding how we can, to the extent possible, bridge the cultural and communications gap that has kept the two sides strangers for the past fifteen years since independence.[…]

By Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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