Health Issues in Armenia

Armenia Blog has a series of posts on health, medicine and population growth issues in Armenia: Armenicum AIDS Drug Marches Forward; Child Cancer Cases Increase 15% in Decade; Armenia’s Population Increases…Barely. The blogger is especially concerned about the causes of increase in Child Cancer cases:

What could be the reason for this increase? Perhaps pesticides and other chemicals in the soil and fruits? Perhaps pollution from cars and trucks?

Vahe Balabanyan at Hyeblog also publicizes the concerns of the RA Government over sharp drop in population growth.

By Artur Papyan

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Cancer is the result of the body’s breakdown immune system. The breaKdown of the immune system results in the body not being able to fight back when its supported to. The more developed and advanced a country is, the more likely the report of cancer cases. As meat becaomes more readily available in the open market at cheaper price, cancer becomes the main sickness. Cancer is seldom heard of in countries with vegetable as their main meal
I may not be able to provide all the facts pertaining to the cause of cancer, but meats is a possible factor which cannot be ignored.

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