Your everyday table water – dangerous?

Remember the main slogan used by Jermuk: “Your everyday table water”? Well – maybe its not such a good idea to drink it every day! A large number of Armenian bloggers yesterday and today posted, about the US FDA warning to the consumers not to drink “Jermuk” brand Mineral Water. Reporter_Arm has a direct link to the FDA site with the warning. Jermuk group have denied that there might be arsenic in their water, so now Armenian consumers can decide who to trust: FDA or Jermuk?

Human Rights in Armenia

Kornelij Glas has posted the section about Armenia from Human Rights report released by Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Here’s the introductory paragraph, for the rest see Kornelij’s blog:

Armenia, with a population of approximately 3.2 million, is a republic. The constitution provides for a popularly elected president (Robert Kocharian) and a unicameral legislature (National Assembly). A constitutional referendum in 2005 and presidential and National Assembly elections in 2003 were seriously flawed and did not meet international standards. The country has a multiparty political system. Civilian authorities generally maintained effective control of the security forces; members of the security forces committed a number of human rights abuses.

The second part of the report, starting from the section of “Societal Abuses and Discrimination” and dealing mostly with Minority issues can be found here.

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