Studies on Strategy and Security

The book Studies on Strategy and Security has been published on internet, Kornelij Glas reports, noting, that the materials there are mostly in Armenian and Russian. “There is a lot of interesting stuff, for example, an article about Commandos in the period, when we surrendered Shaumyan and Mardakert, but you have to ask for that article separately, there are also articles by myself [by Kornelij aka Samvel Martirosyan] and Vrtanesyan Karen.”
Ahousekeeper [aka Vrtanesyan Karen] has also announced about the collection of articles “Studies on Strategy and Security” book, providing links to the media coverage of the book’s presentation.

IFES (International Foundation for Election Systems)

“After introducing readers to the work of the domestic observation organization It’s Your Choice as the May parliamentary election approaches,” CRD / TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007 is now presenting the “IFES, formerly known as the International Foundation for Election Systems”:

In 2005, IFES began a project that aims to increase the government of Armenia’s ability to fulfill its international and national election commitments in time for the 2007 parliamentary and 2008 presidential elections.
To meet this goal, IFES is working with the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and the Passport and Visas Department (OVIR, which falls under the jurisdiction of the police) as well as other interested parties, including the Armenian government, members of the National Assembly, and members of civil society.

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