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© Haykakan Zhamanak
As early as “@ 2007-03-21 09:07:00” Narjan reported that the word “DOD” is charcoaled on the wall of presidential palace in Yerevan, which was promptly cleaned up to spoil the joy of the bloggers, who nevertheless appreciated the efficiency of cleaning works.
Later on 22nd March via CRD / TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007 and JLiving notes we learn, that Armenian newspaper Haykakan Zhamanak has a cover story article about the incident:

HJ says (with picture) that yesterday the President of RA had meeting with security ministers. The meeting is called because expression “DOD” was written on the walls of President’s residency on Bagramian street. It is obvious that the action aimed at stating an association of the President with the head of Prosperous Armenia, Gagik Tsarukayn, whose nickname is DODI GAGO. In addition, Tsarukyan’s picture on Hayastan Trade House was spoiled by red paint. (CRD / TI Armenia Election Monitor 2007)

Explanations for friends from abroad
* “DOD” (slang) translates into Russian as “stupid”, “feeble-minded”, “imbecile”
** Gagik Tsarukyan (nicknamed Dodi Gago) – is an Armenian oligarch, leader of “Prosperous Armenia” party created by him not long ago. Unofficial sources claim that the party is supported by the President of Armenia.
*** “prosperous” (shorthand by author) – is the “Prosperous Armenia”. (
JLiving notes)

While bloggers enjoy the paint on presidential walls, The Armenian Odar suffers from the “banner for Bargavats Hayastan (Prosperous Armenia – Dodi Gago’s party) on the building opposite” hers, saying “I guess I’ll have to put up with it at least until the elections on May 12. :-(“.
Yerevan, March 21, 2007 © The Armenian Odar

The Root of Democracy Problems in Armenia is Indifference

While only 15 years of democratic development might not be enough to build a vibrant democracy, “…the processes going on in our country are heading towards distortion of values and return to modern feudalism, which might be irreversible…“, speculates Bekaisa at her blog and defines the attitude of indifference by those who understand the negative tendencies, but who “DECIDE to keep silent and refrain from action” as the root of democratization problems in Armenia.
While people like Ahousekeeper in response to Bekaisa‘s post doubt the very necessity of building democracy in Armenia by questioning the validity and quality of democracy in the USA, David_sand, Narjan advocate strongly for democracy.
The discussion is still on, and I suspect, the influence of the Russian model of “sovereign democracy” has a lot to do with the fact, that in Armenia today anybody would be willing to question the importance of building democracy.

Parties Choosing Their Mottos

Via Kornelij Glas, E-channel:
These days, political forces have been working not only on their electoral programs but also on their electoral mottos. They are so serious about this issue that, for example, RPA has been discussing a few options on and on, without being able to find the final one.

There are as many mottos as the number of political forces participating in the elections, and an Armenian citizen has numerous chances to make a choice if not from among electoral programs but from among mottos.

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