Sksel a – Demonstration cut short…

Anoush Armenia talks about the Sunday’s Sksela/Transparency organized demonstration, noting that “a few blocks short of reaching the Mayor’s office (the final destination of the petition which was signed by hundreds), the march was cut short as the following, highly unexpected, news…” of Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan’s death became known. Here are some extracts from the blog-post:

The idea is to create a concerned citizenry- one which is aware of what is going on its country, and voices its concerns because it recognizes its right and responsibility to play an active role. The idea is growing momentum as evidenced by the fact that attendance at Sunday’s Sksela/Transparency organized demonstration was higher than ever.
The ’cause celebre’ of this particular demonstration? The illegal construction happening in downtown Yerevan and the unconstitutional eviction of people from their homes in order to make way for said construction.

Updates on the recent MIAK meeting

Kornelij Glas has updates on the recent MIAK (political party formed in February) meeting on Karabakh issue, noting that the party calls for liberal policies when it comes to internal affairs, and be nationalist in foreign politics. Another interesting opinion expressed by MIAK and noted by Kornelij is that “there are no real parties, there is just one – Government and there is a semi-opposition.” Apparently MIAK want to become That Very Party – the only one, speculates Kornelij. As to Karabakh – the party basically suggest, that the current status quo be sustained.

Victories More Harm then Good for Armenians

“Victories are dangerous for us – Armenians. The feeling of false security that follows a victory is the special threat for our security. We think, that giving the enemy two slaps on the face is enough and that the problems is solved forever. While the struggle for existence is still on, we call it victorious fight for freedom, and use the freedom to just go home.“, Ahousekeeper says analyzing the recent history of Kharabakh war in 1992 and contrasting it with the surrender of Kars way back at the start of the past century (1920).

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