Kornelij’s Election Leaflet #3

In Election Leaflet #3 Kornelij Glas summarizes recent political developments:

1. The “Alternative” movement organized a meeting coinciding the 19th anniversary of the start of Karabakh movement. Although the rally didn’t attract a large amount of participants, the event raised a great deal of discussion on a number of blogs. The list of “Alternative” related discussions can be viewed here. Apart from the blogs, a brunch at the OA covering the topic also came back to life. The latter is especially interesting because two young activists of the movement – Hrant and Aramazd are also taking part in the discussion.

2. HHSh and AJM (Vazgen Manukyan) are negotiating about forming a pre-election block. This is one of the grotesque traits of these elections. The powers who almost came to the verge of starting a civil war in 1996 want to join forces today. This is one of the symptoms of the final breakdown of the political system in Armenia, which has completely lost any ideology. (According to my private discussions, the block will not be formed, however, the fact of negotiations in itself is self-explanatory)
3. Yet another example of complete lack of positive ideas among the political forces and concentration on the negative notion of changing power – “I fight because I fight”: “‘Democratic Fatherland’ and the Conservative party have presented an application to the CEC [Central Electoral Commission] of Armenia for registering the pre-eleciton block ‘Impeachment’”.
4. The law on dual-citizenship has been adopted. It will hardly have any impact on the upcoming elections, but might potentially become an issue of consideration for the next year’s presidential ones.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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  1. Additional clarifications about the “Aylyntranq” can be found in Aramazd’s blog, who is one of the young memebers of the movement.

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