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Aramazd posts an announcement about a new Aylyntranq rally on the “Liberty Square [Azatutyan hraparak], March 23rd, 17:00”, noting, that at this point Aylyntranq are trying to reach a court decision to protect their right for holding the meeting “especially in the Liberty Square”, and that regardless the court proceedings, the meeting will be held there.
It is important to note, that the “Freedom Square” in front of the Yerevan Opera house is an important symbol of the Kharabakh movement 19 years ago, and has sentiments of freedom and national revival associated with it, that the Aylyntranq movement are trying to recapture. As if to stop this from happening, Yerevan Municipality has been denying the movement the right to hold rallies in this memorable location, allocating the square in front of Matenadaran [the Manuscript Museum] instead.
Interestingly, as Kornelij Glas noted in his Election leaflet #5 the rallies are loosing popularity, the last Aylyntranq rally only attracting “100-200 participants”.

Artur Papyan

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  1. I think it’s worth pointing out that Aramazd was effectively dismissed from his position at UNDP for his involvement in Alyentrank. See the following URLs for more details:
    Aylentrank, MIAK and a Conflict of Interest

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