Online Interview with Armen Aghayan

OpenArmenia forum will host an interview with Armen Aghayan, representative of Jirayr Sefilyan, on Tuesday, March 13, 16:00 Yerevan time.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe interview is open to everyone, but you will need to register under this topic in the forum prior to participation.
For videos of Jirayr Sefilyan’s well known speech, which resulted in his and Vardan Malkhasyan’s arrest a couple of hours later, can be found at the links below:
Google Video, Metacafe,,
Please disseminate this announcement. Source: Ahousekeeper, Bekaisa, Kornelij Glas. Photo via: Ahousekeeper

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    TURK - 15.03.2007

    Turkey is ready to open and discuss its archive, what about Armenia?
    All the facts on
    Do not let one-sided Armenian propaganda!

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    Observer - 18.03.2007

    Ahousekeeper has published some interesting extracts from the interview at his blog:

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