The Fun Side of Armenian Elections

There are funny sides to the Armenian Elections – a lot of them, as a matter of fact! The uncharted zone for example sees “Prosperious Armenia” (Bargavach Hayastan) as a “quick and inexpensive method of carrying out a national census in Armenia”. 🙂
Kornelij Glas looks at the “Father of all Armenians spread out throughout theUniverse, Ara Abrahamyan“(the head of the Union of Armenians of Russia and the World Armenian Congress), who like “Abraaham, who brought his son to sacrifice”, has “sacrificed his brothers for the well being of the Fatherland. The first one – Armen – was laid on the Altar of “Prosperous Armenia’s” party list, the other one – Gagik, like a God’s Sheep is forfeited to the Republican Party”.
However the biggest pre-electoral humor news came via Bekaisa’s report about the editor of the “Comedy Club” popular Russian humor show, humorist Garik Martirosyan, who has registered to run for Parliament on the United Libratory National Party (ULNP) proportional list. I’ve embedded a “Comedy Club” video with Garik Martirosyan in case you don’t know who he is:
From Youtube, via Kishbek

3 thoughts on “The Fun Side of Armenian Elections

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    Lilija Svaldeniene - 07.04.2007

    Pozdravliaju,pozdravliaju,pozdravliaju sPrazdnikom!
    Pozdravliaju,cto ty otdajesh vse svoji sily dlia svoje naroda…Xorosho cto ty pashel v politiku.U tebia xoroseje serdce,i poetomu rabotat budet legko.
    Pozdravliaju tebia Garik Martirosyan,i zelaju uspecha!
    Ja gorzus toboj………..

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    Kornelij - 08.04.2007

    Ja ne Garik, no tojhe MArtirosyan. Pozdrawte i menja tojhe s takoj familiej!

  3. Reply
    Observer - 08.04.2007

    Pozdravlyayu tebya, o velikii!!! 🙂

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