Jirayr Sefilyan, Justice, Eggs, etc.

Following the decision by the First Instance Court of Kentron and Norq communities to prolong the term of Zhirayr Sefilyan /Commander of Shushi special regiment/ and Vardan Malkhasyan / member of the Fatherland and Honour Party/ for two more months, their friends and supporters who had organized a rally, threw eggs at the court building with shouts, “Freedom”, “Shame on you!” etc. As a result, Bekaisa reports, more then 10 participants of the action were detained by the police for more then 3 hours. The blogger also states, that the action was largely ignored by the news media and the only response came from A1+ here.
Kornelij Glas also comments on the incident, noting, that the failure of the government to come up with a reasonable lie to serve as justification for detaining Zhirayr Sefilyan and Vardan Malkhasyan is simply appalling. However, the blogger doesn’t approve throwing eggs at the Court building: “Why the hell with eggs? Are you guys are planning to escalate the situation, receive the honorary title of dissidents? It’s just not the right way for doing it. Not aesthetic!”

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