Armenia to give growth in economy priority over rights

Kornelij Glas and Hyelog have both republished articles about Armenia’s newly appointed prime-minister Serge Sargsyan’s recent interview where the former Defense Minister has prioritized economic growth over human rights issues in the country:

“It is hard to talk about democratic and human rights when you need to solve the social and economic needs of the population,” the prime minister said during a trip to Brussels. “We would not like to be a state stuck in our transition.”


Russia Supports the Republican Party

Rhyne at Armenia blog looks at a recent article by Kommersant, claiming, that Russia officially supports the Republican Party and Serge Sarkasyan during the upcoming elections. It’s no surprise for the blogger, that Russia, one of the “least democratic countries around” is taking sides. The blogger is more concerned about the choices of voters in Armenia:

So what happens when both the top choices are evil and undesirable, yet the most powerful and influential?