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Protest in Yerevan, Protest in Moscow

“Impeachment alliance organized yet another rally at the Freedom Square. After political speeches, people started a rally in Baghramyan Street. Plastic bottles in their hands symbolized the events happened 3 years ago when after the clash with the opposition in Baghramyan Street Edgar Arakelyan was convicted for hitting a policeman with a plastic bottle.”
2007-04-14 12:09 Via E-channel
Interestingly Armenian bloggers had no reaction to this event, which was only marked by an announcement from Aramazd on Bekaisa’s blog.
The events in Moscow, on the other hand, received widespread response, Sassna Dzer writes:

Kasparov (see photo), along with scores of other protesters, were rounded up by the thousands of riot police and Interior Ministry camouflaged soldiers that locked down the city to prevent a march by the “Other Russia” coalition of groups that accuse President Vladimir Putin of dismantling democracy in Russia.

More comments come from Bekaisa, Dilanyan, the Journal of “Hayk and Life“, JLiving Notes.
While JLiving Notes is analyzing the reasons, why the Putin government decided to use force under these circumstances, mentioning demonstration of power, misinformation and simple paranoia among Russian authorities, Bekaisa comments with disgust:

…and this is the state, which our government is trying to align with in everything, and more importantly, in ideology and methods. Less rights, more economy – this idea has already been voiced by the new varchapet [prime minister], so wait for the continuation of april 12th…