Armenian attacked by skinheads died

Via Uzogh:
/PanARMENIAN.Net/ 46-year-old Armenian immigrant Karen Abramian who was earlier attacked by skinheads in the Russian capita, died in the hospital. According to law enforcement bodies, on Monday evening three young men, dressed like skinheads, attacked Abramian. Two suspects have been arrested in connection with this murder, RFE RL reports
In the Southwestern administrative district of Moscow on Kedrov Street near the house 22 a group of nationalists attacked K. Abramian. The city on duty officer received information about the attack at 22.00 local time April 16. Policemen who arrived on the crime scene discovered a man with knife wounds. According to the victim, three smooth-headed young men with high shoes attacked him.
Karen Abramian was sure the cause for attack was his nationality. He said, while stabbing him the unknown young men shouted nationalistic slogans.

NGOs – Angels of democracy or demons of revolution?

Kornelij Glas has reposted an article from Nezavisimaya, discussing the state of the NGO sector in a number of post-soviet countries, including Armenia, Georgia, Azerbiajan. The situation, as presented in the report, seems rather favorable for the Armenian NGOs, especially when compared with the Azerbaijani and Georgian NGO situation. Armenian NGOs are active in many spheres of public life, the legislation related to them is rather liberal, etc. One of the interesting issues mentioned is the existence of the so called “GONGO”s, that is government sponsored NGOs, or NGOs, which were created by government officials or people related to them. Another issue, according to the report is the fact, that most of the Human Rights related programs of the Armenian NGOs are funded from abroad, which has serious implications if such funding is stopped or scaled down.

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