Gagik Tsarukyan's interview to Russian O2TV

Gagik Tsarukyan’s interview to the correspondent of Russian O2TV Philip Leontev has caught the attention of the Armenian blogosphere. I first learned about it via tirami su who has commented short and to the point: “Funny had it not been so sad“(tirami su), Narjan has started a discussion on his blog, to be picked up by David_Sand, who sounds especially unhappy with some of the ideas expressed by the “businessman, oligarch and leader of Prosperous Armenia party”(David_Sand), speculating that the interview must have been paid for by the richest man in Armenia, and highlighting the following answers by G. Tsarukyan:

Question: what is the character of your relations with other political forces in Armenia
I maintain good relations with all of them, I respect them all. At this moment a competition is going on which everyone is eager to win, but that’s work. For now everything is going as in sport, within limits for good manners. We see bad examples – how competition is held in Ukraine and [contrast with] how it is going in Armenia. No, nothing of the sort could possibly happen in Armenia, because our president is following after the situation. If someone tries to do something, he will punish all of them. Our president is very strong, so this won’t happen with us.

Question: who form the backbone of your party? According to my information there are very few politicians and plitical scientists there.
That means you don’t have enough information. We don’t have
Churchills of course, but we do have enough educated and well prepared people. Many of them are the best in their respectable spheres. They are all accomplished candidates.

Harmic at the Blogrel has also referred to the O2TV interview, and has highlighted the following point made by the oligarch:

“We will develop 90 percent of our relations with Russia and 10percent with Europe and others,”
Taken from Gagik Tsarukyan’s Recent interview on a Russian television station, discussing what his party, “Prosperous Armenia” intends to do with Armenia’s foreign policy agenda. I am seriously becoming worried about what the future holds for the nation if this is the extremity with which the party intends to sever relations with Europe.