New shooting

As reported by Ahousekeeper:

A car was blown up a couple of hours ago on the “Vstrech” crossroad, accompanied with shooting from automatic guns: The eyewitnesses say the driver of the car was taken to hospital.


Candidates for Armenian Parliament Take Time out for a Little Levity During Grueling Political Campaign

Sassna Dzrer has tried to stay “away from the political circus that comprises the pre-election campaigning and confusion surrounding the upcoming Parliamentary elections in Armenia”, because “IT’S ALL TOO MUCH TO FATHOM!!!!!!!”
The blogger makes a point about the quality of the campaign, saying no real analysis is made anywhere on what the main political contenders actually represent and why they would be good or bad for Armenia:

It’s all form and no substance. Who looks good; whose ads are well prepared; who attracts the most onlookers to rallies; etc……….
Can someone out there pick a party or local candidate and rationally explain why they should be elected to represent the will of the people in the National Assembly??


The Heros of Our Times

ICHD blog has published an interesting article about the changes int he value systems in Armenia, whereby children are dreaming of becoming “police officers, and ‘akhrannik'[bodyguards]”, and draws parallels with the Soviet times:

…We dreamed of becoming Gagarin, and they’d tell us, that we must study well to make it; we wanted to be like Sakharov, they’d keep repeatling: learn, learn, learn…

By an interesting coincidence Armenia blog had posted photos of Armenian bodyguards on the very same day.