A questionnaire about the Armenian Genocide has posted the following questionnaire for Armenian bloggers to consider (my answers to the questions will be posted in the comments section of this post):
QUESTIONNAIRE: please answer to these questions in your journals and ask your friends to do the same. Please answer in details where possible, since these are not only “Yes” or “No”, but often also “Why” questions. Thank you!
1. On April 24th I will participate in the genocide commemoration events.
Yes / No / Why?
2. We must remember the genocide.
Yes / No / Why?
3. Sooner or later I will tell my children about the genocide.
Yes / No / Why?
4. Some of my ancestors are from the territory of modern Turkey.
Yes / No / Don’t know
5. Official recognition and condemnation of the genocide by other countries (US, Europe, etc.) is important.
Yes / No / Why?
6. Armenians must also pursue for financial and/or territorial compensation for genocide.
Yes / No / Why?
7. What other peoples suffered genocide on the territory of modern Turkey. Please list. No googling, please.
8. I think I know a lot about the genocide of Armenians.
Yes / No / Why?
9. Please add anything else you want to tell related to the subject here.