The Armenian Genocide Day on the Armenian Blogosphere

Armenian Breaking News speaks about the importance of Armenian Genocide recognition:

April 24, 1915 marked the beginning of the Armenian Genocide in Constantinople (present day Istanbul) with the arrest, torture and execution of 300 Armenian intellectuals, writers, poets, political and civic leaders by the Young Turk Government of the Ottoman Empire. Continue reading “The Armenian Genocide Day on the Armenian Blogosphere”

Armenian Elections on the YouTube 2 – DON’T BE INDIFFERENT

Via Ditord Via E-channel:
The Internews program Before Voting presents a series of public service announcements encouraging people’s participation in the elections. The first video is called Do not be Indifferent. It urges people to take part in the elections. It was broadcast on Yerkir Media.
The PSA were provided to the regional TV stations in Armenia for broadcasting. The PSAs are available at the Internews office.

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