Armenian Watergate Passes Unnoticed

When the “Golos Armenii” newspaper published the article entitled “Around the table in Marco Polo” about allegations, that Artur Baghdasaryan has been negotiating with a representative of the British Embassy in Yerevan with the intention of blackmailing the results of the upcoming Parliamentary elections and the Public TV picked up the topic and widely advertised it as the “first campaign scandal” I wasn’t really surprised – I mean, what kind of elections can go without scandals anyway? I was especially interested to read the opinion of Armen Badalyan, an expert in political technologies published in this article at E-channel, where the expert says it might even have been organized by Artur Baghdasaryan himself:


Highly Recognized Journalistic Organization Shut Down im Russia

Russia has always been in focus of Armenian bloggers’ attention. On the newly opened E-channel blog Lragrox is reporting, that the “Educated Media” foundation, the legal successor of “Internews” media organization widely recognized among journalists, has been forced to halt its activities. Lragrox approaches the problem from the Armenian point of view:

This is especially dangerous, because the Armenian government usually tries to follow the big brother and repeat its actions. They say – the bad example is especially appealing. Hopefully the Internews Armenia staff will pay their taxes and report their amounts in due time. It sounds like a bad joke, but it is alas the sad truth. Let me know what you think…