"Aylyntranq" and the choice of society

“…the change of the society, the change of the direction our lives have taken, must start from within ourselves, from our families, our environment, our backyard”, one of the leaders of “Aylyntranq” movement: Aramazd (Aramazd Ghalamkaryan) says in his blog. Our society is denied a choice today; the mission undertaken by “Aylyntranq” appears to be an impossible task, but one thing this movement brings is “an open ground for every believer with flame in their eyes”, claims Aramazd and makes a parallel between the May 12 elections and Atamnahatik, an Armenian tradition of offering a choice of objects to children upon the growth of their first teeth in the firm belief, that depending on what object the child chooses at that stage, will define its future profession and destiny.

I see our society at this point as a child at its Atamnahatik [see above for short definition], who is offered a choice of a handful of potatoes, a little pile of tar and a roll of ropes for agriculture. And we are all looking carefully to see, if the child will take a pen, an artistic brush, a shovel or a sword. We all have this hopeless and passive ‘expectation’, that by some miracle, this child would grow, and not be a slave, but an artist, a creator or a soldier, who will assume arms and go defend us, our mothers and sisters.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant