Boris Yeltsin has passed away

“We lost a great figure in modern political history” Nazarian says in his post, JLiving Notes analyzes the Yeltsin times refraining from expressing his attitude, but noting, that the point of view expressed by other bloggers about the fact, that the First President of Russia destroyed the Russian economy in 90’s is a blunt lie, and that the economy was destroyed already in Soviet Times, and says whoever came instead of Yeltsin (Gorbachov, Zyuganov, Yavlinskii, Zhirinovskii) the result would have probably been the same. “The man whom I owe my freedom has passed away”, Dilanyan comments in his LJ expressing his gratitude to the great man – Boris Yeltsin.
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Artur Papyan

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  1. really loved him…

  2. He was a good man – but gave a little too much room to rentseeking oligarchs, etc.

  3. Destroyed an Empire far too quickly: It took Armenia’s GDP 15 years to reach Soviet-era production. Still, Yeltsin was a catalyst that has changed the world, hopefully for the better.

  4. Oh, let’s not forget that it was Yeltsin and his daughters who sold some of Russia’s greatest assets for dirt-cheap to those who were close to them. Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky, Potanin, and a few others rose to the top, while the average Russian suffered greately.
    Read: “Godfathers of the Kremlin” by Paul Klebnikov (assassinated)

  5. ??? The guy was an empty show-off. A total zero as a Statesman. Not bad as a cheap politician playing different Kremlin forces against each other (just like Robert Kocharian is not bad at that) but absolute nothingness both for Russia’s national interest and its citizens’ moral and material welfare. Under him (and not under Putin) the oligarchic-criminal mafiacracy was established. The promise and hope of a real democracy was ruined by his regime. Do your research, study the facts…

  6. Here’s a link to the book: “Godfathers of the Kremlin” by Paul Klebnikov in Russian. Highly recommended!!!

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