Mayor of Armenia's second largest city attacked, 3 killed, 6 injured

Via [4/03/07]: The drive-by shooting of a senior member of Armenia’s ruling Republican Party is heightening concern about Armenia’s upcoming parliamentary elections. Many observers fear that the incident is somehow linked with the May 12 vote. Government investigators are still scrambling to identify a possible motive for the attack, however.
Vardan Ghukasian, mayor of Armenia’s second largest city, Gyumri, and his staff came under gunfire late in the evening of April 2 while returning to Gyumri from a meeting of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia in Yerevan. At the gathering, party leaders made acting chairman and Defense Minister Serzh Sarkisian their choice to become prime minister, replacing Andranik Markarian, who died from a heart attack on March 25.
The reaction of the blogosphere has been mostly neutral, quoting various news sources as in: Oneworld Multimedia here and here, Kornelij Glas, Armenia, Hyelog, Armenian Breaking News and others. Harmick at Blogrel offers a piece of “wishful thinking”, by suggesting, this.

I always like to talk about Armenia being safe and secure, and whilst I know this kind of thing “happens everywhere”, when we talk of Armenians being a close and warm nation – it seems politics is a game only for those who are as violent and unruly as each other.
My solution? We all move to Glendale, re build somewhere that looks roughly like Armenia..(it’s already almost there!) .wait a few years, let all the oligarchs, mafiosos, party members, and mayors, run over each other, shoot each other, stab each other, poison each other , or kill via any other desirable method…. Then once the last one has died, we can all move back and be safe, and hopefully a little richer.


  • <cite class="fn">Grigor</cite>

    I am still keen on believing that Armenia is a safe place to live in, unless one has no links with politics, has a well paid, but not very well paid job and is heterosexual and man.
    I honestly do not believe, cannot believe in future of the country, with high rank officials with military background and blossoming church. If soon we prove to trust the person in uniform, I will have to question in our memory.
    We must remember that we trust the person leading the army with very high rate of ‘suicides’, the army which is corrupt and illiterate. I find it vulgar now to list the pricelist of services at there.
    And I would like also to comment to Harmick, that if ever fair elections took place in Independent Armenia, it was the election of Gyumri Mayor (no comments;)
    But I guess he will not be the one on the way to building military republic.

  • <cite class="fn">isabella</cite>

    Grigor +1 on your second paragraph.

  • <cite class="fn">Observer</cite>

    Guys – if I join you on the second paragraph, i.e. “I honestly do not believe …in future of the country”, I will have to accept, that my life and work are all useless. So -1

  • <cite class="fn">isabella</cite>

    Onnik – you are right. I do belive in future of this country but if only it changes the way from being military junta..:( I believe thus a is a matter of change..
    *really enjoyed your article of sksela at eurasia net. there were some inaccuracies (Jiro action was not organised by sksela, for example), but i really liked the approach and oppinions of different people included

  • <cite class="fn">armenia - » Picture: Saroyan & Saryan</cite>

    […] Mayor of Armenia s second largest city attacked, 3 killed, 6 injuredVia [4/03/07]: The drive-by shooting of a senior member of Armenia s ruling Republican Party is heightening concern about Armenia s upcoming parliamentary elections. Many observers fear that the incident is somehow linked … […]

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