Jirayr Sefilyan, Justice, Eggs, etc.

Following the decision by the First Instance Court of Kentron and Norq communities to prolong the term of Zhirayr Sefilyan /Commander of Shushi special regiment/ and Vardan Malkhasyan / member of the Fatherland and Honour Party/ for two more months, their friends and supporters who had organized a rally, threw eggs at the court building with shouts, “Freedom”, “Shame on you!” etc. As a result, Bekaisa reports, more then 10 participants of the action were detained by the police for more then 3 hours. The blogger also states, that the action was largely ignored by the news media and the only response came from A1+ here.
Kornelij Glas also comments on the incident, noting, that the failure of the government to come up with a reasonable lie to serve as justification for detaining Zhirayr Sefilyan and Vardan Malkhasyan is simply appalling. However, the blogger doesn’t approve throwing eggs at the Court building: “Why the hell with eggs? Are you guys are planning to escalate the situation, receive the honorary title of dissidents? It’s just not the right way for doing it. Not aesthetic!”

Mayor of Armenia's second largest city attacked, 3 killed, 6 injured

Via EURASIANET.org [4/03/07]: The drive-by shooting of a senior member of Armenia’s ruling Republican Party is heightening concern about Armenia’s upcoming parliamentary elections. Many observers fear that the incident is somehow linked with the May 12 vote. Government investigators are still scrambling to identify a possible motive for the attack, however. Continue reading “Mayor of Armenia's second largest city attacked, 3 killed, 6 injured”

Opening of the historic Armenian Holy Cross Church on the island of Akhtamar

Ahousekeeper is frustrated by the proceedings around the opening of the historic Armenian Holy Cross Church on the island of Akhtamar, near Van in southeast Turkey, which was renovated by Turkey as an exercise in good will, an effort to show Turkey bears no ill will toward Armenians despite many political problems. Continue reading “Opening of the historic Armenian Holy Cross Church on the island of Akhtamar”

India loses out to Armenia in number of super-growth companies

Armenian Breaking News, Hyelog, Armenia and a number of other Armenian blogs report about Armenia’s unexpectedly high position on this year’s Super Growth Index by the Grant Thornton International. Hyelog reports:

The real surprise in the global picture was Armenia, a newcomer to the survey, with 38% of businesses achieving super growth. Armenia knocked India from a second place [after USA] ranking in 2006 to a ranking of 15th (15%) in 2007. In an equally surprising result, Hong Kong (18% super growth companies) dropped from 3rd place to 11th.

Two Anniversaries: Shutting Down of A1+ and Opening PanARMENIAN.Net

Mesrop Movsesyan, A1 Plus Director, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia © Onnik Krikorian / Oneworld Multimedia 2007
Bekaisa couldn’t help noticing, that today is a double anniversary: 7 years since opening of the PanARMENIAN.Net and 5 years since the closure of A1plus.
While Uzogh (Vice-President of
PanARMENIAN Network) congratulates his colleagues and thanks the readers of PanARMENIAN.Net of this happy anniversary, Onnik Krikoryan reports about the failed protest action of A1plus (visit Oneworld Multimedia for more photos and full coverage):

Still, even if the number of people that mark the anniversary reduces with each passing year, today was different than usual.
In what was probably an attempt to gain access to Liberty Square, A1 Plus decided to plant trees in the park surrounding the Opera.
To be fair to the municipal authorities, permission hadn’t been granted to dig up holes in what little green still remains in the park now that every corrupt official now seems to have their own cafe erected there instead, but it was interesting to consider how the law is applied selectively in Armenia.

To do justice to all sides, Kornelij Glas suggests, that the quality of A1plus news is not always up to the due professional standards, but this judgment hold true for many other TV channels around these days, so perhaps all of those others should also be shut down, jokes Kornelij.

Mobile Phones Will No Longer Be Anonymous in Armenia

All mobile operators in Armenia will have to sign written contracts with their mobile subscribers after a decision made by the Committee for Regulating Public Services on 30th March, 2007. By imposing this measure the Committee hopes to stop the practice of providing mobile connectivity to anonymous customers, which is described as an antiterrorism initiative by the government. The existing mobile customers of Easy, Go and Alo anonymous mobile services will be forced to sign contracts under the threat of disconnecting their accounts. Via Armenian News Blog

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