Party posters, promotional videos and expenses

Arsineh at Life in Armenia discusses the election campaigns in Armenia, which “are going crazy”, and notes with resentment that the campaigns are concentrating on showing off the wealth and power of their candidates, instead of “talking to issues”:

The town is painted with party posters and I have to say, the ARF did an incredible job showing up.
I am quite the American in mindset that I’m used to seeing candidates kissing babies and digging holes to impress their voters of how “common” they are. Here is the EXACT opposite. They flaunt their money to show how much power they have, and according to them, that is what the people respond to.

Kornelij Glas(ru) notes, that the Prosperous Armenia party has only spent $100 all this time [ie. during the pre-election campaign], while the Republicans and Rule of Law [Orinats Yerkir], haven’t spent even a penny, and posts a link to party finance reports(arm).
On a different post(ru) Kornelij writes about his impressions of the promotional videos of various parties:

[The videos] are generally complete crap, looks like noone wanted to really spend money, or their PR teams were mostly hired from Mozambique.
Alam Kalapetyan [mocking the way Aram Karapetyan pronounces the letter ‘r’] was sitting in front of a table and shaking secret documents from the police. So how on earth did you get those documents, mister?!
Marxist party – it’s a must see – something in the style of German expressionism from the start of last century. The Communist video was a rip off from the [Russian TV] programs Village hour and More good products.
I nearly choked over the video by National Hairitage.[]
MIAK – smelled of cryptic pederasty.
Geghamyan – while the Dude was pontificating, a young man on the right was sitting stretched as far back as he could. As if looking for a guillotine or a garrotte – I guess we get to choose which one exactly?
Stepan Demirchyan was acting Karen Demirchyan. No comment.
Republicans were showing Serge with medals. Now that’s incredible – to count on the man, from whom everybody has idiosyncrasies! Simply congenial!
Then there came more sad videos, like that of HHSh that could make you loose your appetite.
The Prosperous Armenia and dashnaks turned out to be the coolest. The dashnak video was especially good – must have brought tears to many eyes. Gagik was also portrayed in the most favourable light. It was obvious that those two had spent enough to make themselves a decent advertisement.

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  1. […] Via Armenian Blog Review, the same conclusion is made by Kornelij, although he also singles out the ad by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation–Dashnakstutyun for special mention. Like Garo, Hamlet and myself, the HHSh ad is perhaps the saddest. Really, it was appalling and notlikely to win over anyone unless the party of former President Levon Ter Petrosyan were hoping to attract votes simply out of sympathy. Then there came more sad videos, like that of HHSh that could make you loose your appetite. […]

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