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    Artashes - 01.05.2007

    That’s the essence of all problems in Armenia. Spitting in the face of people, outright lying, arrogantly telling them that they can shove the truth up their asses, that the “might is right”. What a perversion… How THAT mindset can be changed??? A question for Sksel a activists to ponder!

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    Observer - 01.05.2007

    a good question indeed… i don’t think the mindset can be changed, I think it is the people who must be changed and the system must by design make provisions, for people to change the people on top when they no longer represent the power of people.
    also – the people have no idea that they have power – someone needs to tell them about this, and movements like Sksela and Impeachement, although not productive, but are really important.

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