"Artificial sensations" – especially for Uzogh :)

From Uzogh‘s blog I found out, that on H1 TV the following was broadcast:

1. Artur Baghdasaryan announced, that he will run for president on 2008 elections.
2. Artur Baghdasaryan announced, that his life is in danger.
3. The subtitles of the “Rull of Law” party video claim, that they have heard this recording on the Golos site and consider it to be an “Artificial Sensation”.

Uzogh also asks a very good question: what exactly does “artificial sensation” mean? My response: it is when “Orinats Yerkir” gets a lot of publicity without deserving it, and becomes the subject of everyone’s interest. Another question follows: why the hell do they get all that publicity? I don’t know, but I assume, that in this manner the government are trying to divert public attention from more serious and radical opposition, although if you ask my personal opinion, there is none!


Traditional Media Going for Blogging

I just want to announce the creation of two important blogs both in Armenian: the E-channel blogs and the A1plus blog. As I have direct involvement in both of these blogs, I’ll try to not pay too much attention to their content. However, the fact is – traditional media in Armenia are ready to embrace blogging. Yerkir Media have told me, that they are also interested in setting up a blog, I’m talking to a couple of other media people, but don’t want to go ahead and announce it just yet.
Below are banners for both these blogs. If anyone is interested in banner exchange, please let me know.

A1plus blog Echannel blog blog

Update: Via Kornelij I also found out, that have also launched a blog, again in Armenian.