The sign says: clean and green center 2007

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The New Telecommunication Era and Armenia

Armenia draws attention at this article on

“Positive changes in terms of quality and price are expected in Armenia’s telecom market in the near future, if the hopes of Armenian Datacom Company (ADC) are realized. On April 27, ArmenTel and Fibernet were joined on the Armenian telecom market by ADC.”

Earlier this week HayBlog and Armenia blog had posted on Russian plans to fully finance construction of a new Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia.

In line with Armenia’s ridiculous line of thinking, it seems a major crisis has been averted. Or potentially created.
Russia is ready to fully finance construction of a new Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia.
Russia will be a joint owner of the new Armenian NPP….


Armenian 'YouTube'

Via Unzipped I found out about the first Armenian Video Sharing Network:
While Unzipped is looking at it as a”very promising development”, I have to say, that this development looks promising only for diaspora Armenians. And that is not just because I couldn’t find a single Armenian letter on the front page (interfaces being English, French and Russian?!), but also because with the type of slow connections and constant problems with uploading we have in Armenia, anything related to Internet video is pretty much out of our reach.


Armenian Sport Victories

“Happy birthday to Vanes Martirosyan”, I gladly join Armenia blog, who is celebrating successes of Armenian sport, this time remembering the recent boxing victory, posting an Armenia blog exclusive interview with this young and successful Armenian boxer and giving some stunning statistics:

How many people can claim 13 victories, 9 knockouts, and no losses in a very scary sport? Hardly any! May you rise to the top and make Armenians the world over proud!

Since we got started on sport, here’s something I came across with on a newly discovered Armenian blog, Unzipped:

After great success of Armenian chess players wining Chess Olympiad, Turin (Italy) 2006, today is another occasion for celebrations – Armenian weightlifters displayed masterclass in European Weightlifting Championship, Strasbourg (France), crowned Team No 1 in Europe:

10 gold and 8 silver and bronze medals

On the photos, from left to right: Hripsime Khurshudyan, Meline Daluzyan, Nazik Avdalyan, Gevorg Davtyan, Hripsime Khurshudyan
All Photos via Unzipped via Photolure, ArmeniaNow and A1+, Reuters
And there’s more on Armenia blog along with this video: