GDP Per Capita in Armenia

Levon at Life in the Armenian Diaspora writes about coming to Yerevan and finding a jump in housing prices:

What really amazes me is that the housing market is growing like crazy! Prices range from $50/day to $70/day. When I was in Yerevan during the summer of 05 I remember hearing that people were getting apartments for $35/day and even renting two room salons for $200/mth… two years have gone by and the prices have skyrocketed!

Levon supposes this is a good thing, but he says, “add this to the continual appreciation of the dram, the rising prices of goods, and the construction of Northern Avenue, I wonder where/when/if this will end.” Indeed! I can’t help but wonder myself!
Following the article in the AGBU magazine Onnik Krikoryan wonders about GDP Per Capita in the South Caucasus: