"Hello God! The mayor of Gyumri speaking here…"

Sad and hilarious – the interview of the mayor of Gyumri on Shant TV on May 23rd was undoubtedly the single most sensational event of this week – even now, 3 days later it is one of main topics for discussion in the streets and blogosphere likewise. Uzogh, Narjan and Kornelij Glas seem to have enjoyed it most. The mayor, Vardan Ghukasyan spoke for about half an hour, making a complete fool of himself. It is hard to explain what exactly was so bad about the interview, but trust me, it was really really bad. As a true Gyumretsi I have no words – I am embarrassed 🙁 Uzogh had tried to make the copy of the interview video available online, luckily it was deleted from Google videos… although I have to admit it was funny enough to be enjoyable once you were able to forget about the fact, that the guy was actually quite fairly elected to his post