Liberated Territories in Focus

The blogosphere is full of speculations about the seven regions in Azerbaijan currently under the control of Armenian and Karabakh forces, which are referred to as the “Liberated Territories”. This issue was also discussed by Onnik Krikoryan and Anaid1708 earlier.
The new wave of discussions seem to have started at OpenArmenia forum, after which Kornelij Glas posted about the petition signed by a number of internet resources against the surrender of the liberated territories, saying, that the negotiations currently in progress are based on “the readiness of Armenia to surrender already all seven (!) liberated territories around NKR, living only the Lachin corridor (not the region).” In exchange Karabakh would gain the right to conduct a referendum on its status after about 5-15 years. Kornelij Glas says his opinion, that this will definitely lead to a new war, in which we will be on the loosing side, is only shared by a few people, and of those few, most think, that Robert Sedrakovich (president of Armenia) is from Karabakh and would never make concession on the issue.