May 9th – the day of victory!

My grandfather who fought his way all the way to Berlin passed away last year – for as long as I remember 9th of May in my perception was the day of my grandfather: God Bless you wonderful man! I used to think – what kind of a country USSR must have been if it could motivate this brave Armenian – my grandfather, and hundreds of thousands of others to get to Ukraine, Poland and all the way to Berlin to fight Nazism – so far away from their home.
David_Sand says, very rightly, this was not the victory of the USSR, this was the victory of the people of USSR. I’ll add to that – this was the victory of all humanity! Today I want to join David_Sand, Dilanyan, Kornelij Glas in greeting the humanity on the day of this great victory.
Perhaps a greater motive for celebration today is that “On May 9 Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh mark not only as V-Day in the World War II, but also as Shoushi Liberation Day”/PanARMENIAN.Net/ and Uzogh says the fact, that a military parade of NKR Defense Army will be held on Revival Square of Stepanakert is highly symbolic today.

Artur Papyan

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  1. One of my grandfathers (God bless his soul), who was a Genocide survivor died at the battle of Stalingrad, while his wife was still 6 month pregnant with my father. My other Grandfather (God bless his soul) was too young to be admited into the army, so he helped the war effort by driving tracks full of soldiers and suplies to the front (a great man, who was critical of socialism, but taght me from young age what real communism is supposed to be). My grandmother (God bless her soul), who was then a student at our medical university was in the trenches operating the wounded.
    Ancient Greeks used to say when one generation forgets the causes of one war, that’s when another war awaits around the corner.
    My grandparents and millions-millions more fought heroically and laboured tirelessly so that the rapidly spreading cancer of National-Socialism (nazism) could be eradicated, while people like General Dro, Garegin Nzhdeh, Vahan Papazian and many others colaborated with Hitler. Let’s not forget that! And let’s celebrate the victory over National-Socialism — the kind of mentality that just 2 decades before it conquered Germany, caused Armenian Genocide on the territory of modern day Turkey. Let’s not forget that either.
    And yet there is a certain hipocrisy when our own National-Socialists (ARF-HHD) are suddenly parading themselves on this day as Socialists in their pre-election campaigns. A Disgrace!

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