On Ancient Manuscripts of Matenadaran

Speaking of the recent negotiations about digitizing the ancient manuscripts of MatenadarnInstitute of Ancient Manuscripts, JLiving Notes says although there is not much information available on the subject and the news in various media is generally positive, some details he has found out about the issue pose serious grounds for concern: it seems that the organization digitizing the content is putting very strict restrictions on how this digitized content will be used even for the Armenian side.

“If the conditions of using the digitized archive are really such, that is an obvious waste of national resources”, David_Sand says.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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  1. I think that the deal with the institution that was going to do the digitalization was broken off, in large part due to the uproar. Apparently, the director of the Matenadaran was not entirely blame free either: the institution asked for and would have gotten a lot more money than necessary for such an operation and the director of the M. was rather secretive about the whole thing.

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