Armenian Obsession With "COOL NUMBERS"

I don’t know what is the matter with Armenians and numbers, but if you have a mobile phone or a car, it just has to have a “cool number“, otherwise you’re not a real “APE” (bro), which is like really scarry 😉
It is hard to classify all the modes of this obsession, but here are some basics.

1. Repeated digits – repetition is the “mother of learning”!
2. A lot of zero’s – and not only on the car, but also in the bank account…
3. Ascending or Descending orders – easy to remember!
4. 02-s: used to mean that the owner of the car has connections with the police, so police were not supposed to stop your car.
5. 444 / 777 / 666 – you belong to one of the oligarch clans, I still haven’t figures out which one is which.

So anyway, the picture with this post is the result of 3 minute stroll down the street across my office: its harder to find a car without the cool number then vice versa these days, so I guess I’m gonna change mine to a simple number (right now it is 45LS654).


Russians, Caucasus natives brawl in Moscow; police say right-wing groups sparked fight

[Associated Press Newswires | 23 June 2007 | By MIKE ECKEL ] MOSCOW (AP) – Dozens of Russians brawled with people from the Caucasus and Central Asia in what Moscow police said Saturday was a coordinated attack by anti-immigrant and right-wing activists. Nearly four dozen people were detained and one person was hospitalized.
The violence Friday night was the latest incident involving hate crimes or attacks targeting foreigners in Russia, particularly dark-skinned immigrants from poorer regions and republics of the former Soviet Union. Many Russian regions are plagued by tensions between ethnic Russians and minority groups, especially those from Chechnya and the Caucasus.
Moscow city police spokesman Anatoly Latovetsky said in televised comments that anti-immigrant and right wing activists were behind the running battles that took place Friday in three locations in the Russian capital. The groups specifically targeted people from the Caucasus, such as from Chechnya, Azerbaijan or Armenia, he said.
One ethnic Armenian man was hospitalized with stab wounds, he said.