Armenian Blog Review going through a stage of transformation

I have been thinking about the possibilities of continuing my blog review the way I used to do it, or transforming it into something different.
One thing that’s clear to me – is I want to continue blogging and I will. Moreover, I intend to start looking at the news and commenting on them, and though I understand, that thus I’ll be loosing many readers, all I can really do is apologize and explain reasons behind this move. There really aren’t that many reasons:

  1. When I was starting this blog review, I used to get only about 10-15 blog posts per day from the Armenian blogosphere, but now it is very often over 30. With the amount of limited time I have and the necessity to work – I don’t think I can keep up with the pace, hence the urge to transform the blog review into something different and more manageable.
  2. I am tired and bored.

I must note, that since I intend to keep writing reviews of Armenian blogosphere for the in the future as well, I will publish those reviews also here, but that can only be done on a weekly or bi-weekly bases.
Yeah, I guess that’s all I wanted to say. I’ll be changing some general parts of my blog (like the about page, title, etc), and get to regular blogging early next week. Please stay with me if you’ve been coming here more or less regularly. I will also keep all the archives intact, so you all the referrals and links to this blog will keep working.
See ya! 🙂

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant

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  1. Well, it IS a time-consuming and ungrateful job, so I am not surprised at your decision.
    But good marks overall for the Armenian Blog Review!!
    P.S. I stopped reading the comments to the entry “Liberated Territories in Focus” when they were in 20s; I browsed through the rest of them right now and could not help sticking it to those dead-ended ultranationalists. 🙂

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