RFE/RL Update: The Law Against Radio Liberty Has NOT Passed

Lragir.am reports, that the legislative amendments designed to limit foreign media from broadcasting on the Armenian public TV/Radio frequencies and seen largely as directed against the Radio Liberty Armenian Service ahead of the upcoming presidential elections, have not passed the second reading in the Armenian Parliament today.
According to the same source 63 MPs have voted for the legislative package, 1 MP – Alvard Petrosyan from the ARF party has abstained from voting. The opposition parties: “Heiritage” and “Rule of Law” have not voted at all, thus creating a situation, where there has not been enough quorum to adopt legislation.
While this is the first major victory of opposition in the newly elected parliament, nothing is decided yet. I will continue to follow the developments and prey that whatever happens, Radio Liberty Armenian Service – my personal favorite news source from Armenia continues its work throughout the Presidential Campaign in February 2008 as, with many other media specialists and experts in Armenia, see this move especially designed to block RFE/RL from providing accurate coverage of developments as Robert Kocharian – turned into Freedom of Speech Enemy #1 in this country leaves his post for good.
Video via Echannel.am

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