The Constitution Day

This is one of those exceptionally rare occasions, when I want to join the President of Armenia, Chairman of the National Assembly of RA and the Prime Minister
…in greeting everybody on the Day of Armenian Constitution! While the official figures mentioned above have displayed with their actions, that they are placed so high mostly to be above the Armenian Constitution and violate its provisions as much as they can, I’m still proud, that we do have a Constitution, that its a pretty good one, and that one day, maybe, with this constitution we will finally live in a democratic and rule of law state.
Interestingly, Golos Armenii newspaper has an article full of hatred towards this Constitution Date,  the old Constitution, the opposition… basically it’s full of hatred towards everyone, except its beloved President – Robert Kocharian, who obviously has ordered the newspaper to be exactly that much full of hatred towards the Constitution Date… but then again, its all just politics, isn’t it? And Golos Armenii is not really a newspaper, its a little nail in the coffin made for democracy in Armenia. But I don’t care, I’m happy and proud today.
Hail to Independent Armenia and its Constitution! 

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