Armenia's Population 3,223.7THS on July 1, 2007

Interesting facts and figures releazed by Armstat, which I’m publishing despite the horrible translation by ARCA. By the way – I treat any information presented by the Armenian Statistical Service with great reservations.

YEREVAN, August 1. /ARKA/. By July 1, 2007, Armenia‘s population had reached 3,223.7ths. The RA Statistical Service reports that Armenia‘s urban population had reached 2,066ths people and rural population 1,157.7ths people.
Armenia‘s capital has the largest population – 1,105ths. The Shirak and Armavir region have a population of 280,000 each. The population of the Vaiots Dzor region is 55,800 people.
Citizens of employable age made 65.8% of Armenia‘s population (16-62 years for males, 16-59 years for females). Citizens younger than 16 constitute 21.7% of Armenia‘s population, and citizens over the employable age 12.5% According to the official information, 521 old people and children under aged 0-15 are per 1,000 people of employable age.

There are some important figures to note here: it turns out, that each two working age individuals in this country have to sustain at least one more person: a child or an old man. That is pretty good, but I wonder how will it all evolve considering the negative growth rates of the population and its aging, as well as steady outflow of working age population to Russia, Europe and Ukraine in recent years?

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