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MIAK Party Going Openly Pro-Government: The Young, The Perspective Finding Their Way

Following Bekaisa’s post and a link left in the comments section by Kornelij to Day.Az report, I went to the more verifiable source about MIAK Party – their website to double check the information about the appointment of MIAK General Secretary Levon Martirosyan as the assistant to RA Prime-Minister Serge Sargsyan.
This is actually quite old news, which I had missed because of going to vacation. And I wouldn’t really be interested to cover it, if I didn’t remember the post made by Notes From Hairenik back in April entitled –  New kids on the political block. Recounting his meeting with Levon and Davit from MIAK, Christian Garbis says:

They have “Western” style ways of thinking, which I cannot necessarily describe all too well but is obviously familiar to me, just by the way they express themselves openly and frankly rather than beat around the bush as most potential or supposed full-fledged Armenian politicians do. Basically I could not get much of an explanation as to what their specific agenda is as they do not really have one yet.

Well looks like they have one now – and the agenda looks strictly pro-government. It also seems to me (following the report about former “Orinats Yerkir”, young-careerist, political-renegade Samvel Farmanyan’s joining MIAK), that Serge Sargsyan has promised a number of important government posts to MIAK – enough to satisfy all of those in the party, plus the new-comers like Samvel.
I can’t say I like MIAK, or that I ever did, especially once I look at my former posts about the party. However, as Samvel Farmanyan told me after joining MIAK – there is a choice between sitting back, doing nothing and criticizing all and everyone, or joining a “real force and making a change”. It only remains to be seen whose well being that change will affect – right now I have the feeling, that MIAK are only after their own careers and well being, but perhaps we should do them justice and wait at least a little bit longer.