News And Updates from Gyumri And Shirak Region on Tsayg TV Blog

I am happy to announce, that the Gyumri Tsayg TV have set up their blog which is regularly updated with commentable articles extracted from their “Azdarar” TV news program and has up to date and full coverge of developments in Gyumri and the Shirak region.


  • <cite class="fn">Mary</cite>

    erekva Gyumru shenqi qandman ev zoheri masin , ayd ahavor depqeric voch mi norutyunner chen texadrvac dzer nyuteri mej, ayn jamanak erb depqy iskapes cncel e bolorin, voch miayn Hayastanum… inchn e patchary ayspisi lrutyany, bavakan chen zoher ayd gotum?

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