Medieval Armenian Cemetery in Noradus, Armenia

The continuous destruction of Armenian cemeteries in Nor Jugha, Nakhijevan, Azerbaijan, Baku (Christian cemetery), Azerbaijan and the recent speculations about the possibility of demolition of the Armenian cemetery in Tbilisy, Georgia, got my mind wondering – when we, bloggers make all this frustrated posts and complain about the destruction of cemeteries – do we really care about them, or is just another newsworthy event?

Yesterday, on a trip to Vardenis from Yerevan, a friend pointed at the village of Noradus on the road, saying – there’s an interesting Armenian cemetery there. So went. Frankly, I didn’t expect it to be that(!) interesting, and I strongly urge you to visit, if you ever pass by those areas, especially if you’re a blogger consistently complaining about the demolition of Armenian cemeteries and destruction of khachkars.