I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Sksela rocked for freedom on October 7. I liked it. There were a lot of shortcomings, etc., but it was fun, and I enjoyed myself. The concert happened despite numerous refusals from the Yerevan City Hall to allow it. The concert happened to prove the authorities, that they can’t stop freedom, and they can’t stop rock, and they can’t stop Sksela from rocking for freedom. I guess the original idea of the concert was long lost way back in May, after continuous refusals of the City Hall to allow it to take place. And I guess it really didn’t matter anymore who sings, and how well it is organized, and what messages are written on the wall, and why Bambir couldn’t make it, and why was there so much tight security (which I personally disapprove).
As with all the previous Sksela events, this one was also covered intensively by bloggers. Among the reactions, there was also this one, by a friend and a man who in many many issues thinks so much like me.
Onnik – while I might readily agree with all you have said on the post, you and I know well enough, that it is easy to manipulate facts and the writing mood in a way, that even the worst event can seem quite OK and vice versa. Onnik – I think you were not objective when covering that event and you were manipulating facts and moods. Onnik – I disapprove of what you said, or rather, I disapprove the manner in which you said it, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Onnik – Sksela is all about giving you that right, and making sure, that I on my turn have my right and freedom to respond.