Beta Rating of Armenian Live Journals

Uzogh has been working on creating an Armenian rating system for blogs, making use of the already existing rating system for LiveJournal. The table I am publishing below has been derived from Uzogh‘s second beta test of the service. Although this rating system does not include any Armenian blogs outside the LiveJournal blogging community, the results are already very intersting, especially if we concider the fact, that the most active Armenian blogosphere is undoubtedly currently based in LiveJournal, where we do have very many interesting blogs which attract the highest number of readers. I have only added links to the top 10 blogs. For the rest, just use the name you see and add For example, if you want to see angry-root’s livejournal (which is my LiveJournal blog) , use to see the blog it represents. Good job so far, Uzogh, waiting for further improvements.

# The Place in Yandex Rating
1 irukan 389
2 kornelij 562
3 ahousekeeper 575
4 pigh 1845
5 comte-de-varand 2067
6 ogostos 2205
7 apmeh 2717
8 lesgustoy 2720
9 markgrigorian 3644
10 saramarabu 4045