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President Kocharyan Speaks A Lot About Ex-President Ter-Petrossyan, but Says Nothing

President Robert Kocharyan seems to have taken Ex-President Levon Ter-Petrossian’s threats seriously. The incumbent president keeps speaking about his predecessor, and much like Ter-Petrossyan, who gave two long speeches already, but never said anything logical, sensible or at least original, Kocharyan also sounds like a tired, old gossip-monger.
“Our nation will never wish to return back to the 1995-96. I think many still retain bad memories of those years”, Kocharyan said in response to the questions of journalists on October 26, after taking part in the ceremony of opening the Iran-Armenia highway in Syunik (via Echannel). Now that’s a strange notion, isn’t it? Did LTP say he wants to take the nation back to 1995? I don’t think so, although that’s what all Hyelur Propaganda is about, and it seems, that this will soon become the motto of Republican campaign during the 2008 Presidential elections. Well, I guess they’ll have to think harder then that, if they plan to win this elections.
Of course there are some more logical points made the incumbent president, e.g. “There are at least 2-3 opposition politicians, who have higher authority”, or that “in 1999 they received only 1.1 percent of the vote, 2003 – 0.6, and 2008 – 1.3 percent[in the form of the Impeachment block]”. However, the President keeps stressing the bad memories of the mid-90’s, and notes “we will remind those who have forgotten”, adding  “perhaps HHSh have seen, that the economy is now restored, and are thinking about the new opportunities to rob the country. I think that is the reason why they have entered this presidential bid”. While this might be partially true for most candidates running for president in Armenia, this “thought” also exposes the true motives of Robert Kocharyan for wanting to be president and thinking of retaining power after leaving his post. So that’s what its all about, Mr. Robert Kocharyan? Robbing the country? Is that what you were there for all these years? Are those the only terms under which you judge the motivation to presidency?
Well, I guess I should just discard most of the other “brilliant” thoughts expressed by President Kocharyan, because they simply make no sense, however, I can’t neglect this top-nonsense, expressed on another occasion (via Echannel):

“Of course after the collapse of the USSR there should be certain [economic] losses. I estimate those losses to be no more then 15-20% in the course of the first 2-3 years, after which new projects and new investment approaches should be put in place to compensate for the losses. This is how it happened in the Baltic Countries, Belarus, partly in Ukraine. In Armenia however, the economy was literally destroyed in several years.”

Right! So Mr. President thinks it logical to compare Baltic Countries with Armenia, a country at war and economic blockade and present this appalling half-truth as his best argument against Ter-Petrossian, proudly declaring, that “one should speak about economy only if one understands what it’s about”?
Why on earth don’t we set up some basic IQ tests before we let these guys run for presidency?